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Solve all of your issues with the help of Technical Support. allows sending and receiving s just with the click of a mouse either from the comfort of home, office or while on the move. You can efficiently manage your official or personal tasks easily with service. Some users are facing issues like Spam troubles, signup issues, blocked account problems, password related errors, hacked account troubles, and configuration issues.

Spam Troubles

You need to adhere to the guidelines for bulk senders to ensure delivery of your s to the users. If you are still facing the issues, this page provides the detailed information in right order to solve your Spam issues. If your s are blocked or moved to spam even if you send the messages from G Suite hosted domain or , read on.

In order to avoid abuse, has set certain sending limits. It is suggested to make use of Google Groups to send the messages to the regular distribution list.

Spam detection filters are working to automatically detect and delete suspicious messages. sends a rejection message to the sender. To prevent such issues, you are advised to send the genuine messages only.

If your messages are wrongly classified and filtered to the Spam folder in hotmail, yahoo etc, you can send a message to them and solve your issues.

It is suggested to read the bounced messages to identify the possible cause for rejection. If the all of the messages are blocked by the domain, you can reach the Technical Support at + 1-888-272-6111.

It is common that some types are files are blocked because they pose a security issue. For example, you will not able to send certain java script files or executable (.exe) files through either due to security issue or virus spreading problems. does not allow attachments with malicious content, and password protected archives, etc. You cannot attach files with extensions including .scr, .ins, .vbe, .ade, .jar, .com, .sys, .bat, .wsh, .vbs, .shb, .sct, .lib, .js, .cmd, .chm, .mde, .lnk, .exe, and .cpl etc. to . If you need to send files with these extensions, you can upload to the Google Drive and send a link to the recipient to download such files.

An is not delivered or delayed, read the following steps to fix the issue.

If your is not delivered or delayed, you can check your drafts folder or sent folder. On confirming that mail is not deleted at your end, you can ask the recipient to check the Spam folder. You can ask the recipient to add your address to the contact list to prevent such issues in future. The delivery of messages takes a long time if your recipient is using a slow internet connection. You can ask the recipient to try a faster connection to solve such issues. If the issue is not solved despite trying all these tips, you can ask the recipient to contact the Internet service provider.

Create A New Account

Many people are unaware of the procedure to create a account. Creating a new account or signing up a account is very easy. You need to follow the simple steps given below to sign up for a new account: You need to enter the URL in the address bar of your web browser (IE, Chrome or Mozilla) and click on the Go button. Now, you need to click on the More Options and Choose Create Account.

A new webpage will be displayed with fields including Name, Choose your username, Create a Password, Confirm Password, Birthday, Gender, Mobile Phone, Your current address, and location. You need to enter your first name, new address, password, birthday in day, month and year, Gender (male, female or other), mobile phone, current address and country and click on the next button.

The user name should be at least 6 characters and the password should be at least 8 characters. After entering all the details and clicking on Next button, you need to click on the Agree button. It will ask you to verify the account by entering the SMS received in your phone number specified on the previous page. You need to click on the verify button after entering the code. Your is created and you will get a message like Welcome, your new address is [email protected] and with a button to continue to . You need to click on Continue to button. You are now taken to inbox. Your new address is now ready for use.

If you are still facing the issues in creating a new account, you can reach the technical support at helpline number. The technical support executives of service will analyze the problem and suggest the correct solution to sign up for free new Address.